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Quartz Watches

When buying a watch today, you are basically faced with two choices, a mechanical or quartz watch.

So, what is the difference?

The mechanical watch needs to be wound up manually or automatically all the time, whereas the quartz watch is driven by a battery and can last for years. How does the quartz movement work?

The watch relies on a battery that generates an electric current that passes through a small quartz crystal. This crystal then oscillates at a very high frequency that in turn drives a small motor, which causes the hands of the watch to move.

Quarclockwatch.htmltz watches appear to be a great deal more popular than mechanical watches, not only because they are cheaper but because they are a lot more versatile. For instance, a Quartz Watch can be transformed into a fashion or a fine watch by just changing the leather strap to metal chain links. You now have a watch that will go with any outfit.

Why choose a quartz watch instead of other options available today? One of the main advantages of quartz watches is, they are a lot cheaper than any of the other designs. Their movements are also low maintenance. They are very reliable and are more accurate in keeping time than any of the mechanical watches.

The quartz watch is also very durable, as they have less moving parts. Lastly, the quartz watches are a lot lighter than mechanical watches. This because the mechanical watches have quite a few metal parts and the more functions your watch has the heavier it will be. So, if you are looking for a lightweight watch go for quartz.

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