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Fashion watch

What is a fashion watch?

Simply, a fashion watch is a timepiece that is manufactured by companies that do not make their money by selling watches.

In short this means that fashion watches are usually made by the same companies that design and manufacture clothing and accessories. The fashion watch is more of an accessory that suits your favorite outfit.

There are watches for any occasion, whether it is casual or formal. The combinations available like colours, materials, and styles are endless.

How do you choose the right watch for the right occasion? Wearing the correct fashion watch spells out clearly who you are or who you want to be.

Here are some guidelines to help you in choosing the correct fashion watch, one that suits your outfit for the right occasion. Firstly, consider if the occasion is formal or casual..

Formal occasions may require a watch that has a metal case or housing, for a more sleek and sophisticated look. The watch strap should be metal, or if it is leather, it needs to be slim and
not very thick.

The watch shouldn’t draw a lot of attention and should match the chosen outfit. In the case of casual occasions, watches can be made of plastic or similar materials. A large watch is fine and the thickness of the strap matters little.

Fashion or Fine watches are great for businessmen, offering a simple yet cosmopolitan look. Watches tend to only have a minute and hour hands, with a dial that is fairly plain..

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