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Chronograph Watches

A Chronograph is just another type of watch, like an automatic or quartz watch.

This type of watch, like all other types, serves to tell the time, but has an added function.

The watch also serves as a stopwatch. Chronograph watches are manufactured as self-winding, or automatic, manual or also quartz powered. They are designed as pocket or wristwatches.

How does it work? To operate this watch is very simple; all you need to do is push the stop/start button on the side of the watch to start your time measurement. You will also find a reset button on the side, which resets the stopwatch function to zero again.

The difficult part comes when you have to understand how the two or three smaller subdials work. The sub-dials are placed around the outside of the watch’s face. There is an hour subdial, this is usually situated at the bottom of the watch face

Then there is a minute subdial, which can be found to the far left on the face of the watch. Both of these subdials are used when using the stopwatch function.

The second-hand subdial found to the far right of the watch face acts as the second hand that works with time. The long thin second hand that usually operates as the second hand of an ordinary watch only moves when the stopwatch function is activated.

Some of the chronograph watches also have a fourth sub-dial, this measures fractions of a second. The other function of a chronograph watch is the tachymetre scale. This is a scale that is found around the circumference of the watch and can be used to measure speed, distance or even fuel consumption.

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