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Analog Display

When it comes to watch displays there are really only two types; analogue or digital.

In simple terms, the difference is, the analogue display has a dial with hands indicating the time, while the digital display shows the time in an electronic form using a number display.

The analogue watch display is still the most popular in use today. The analogue watch makes use of two or three hands moving around a dial continuously.

First, you have the hour hand, which is the shortest of them all and makes one revolution every hour.

Then there is the minute hand, this is longer and also makes one revolution every hour. Lastly, there is the second hand, which is usually the longest and also the thinnest. This hand makes one revolution every minute.

To read the time correctly, the dial is divided into 12 equal parts and has numerical figures denoting the time. Some watches have Arabic numerical figures, while others have Roman figures.

There are also watches that are divided with markers instead of figures denoting the 12-hour divisions. Also, many watch dials, instead of having all 12 markers displayed only have 3 or 6 or 9, which can vary in size.

Many believe that analogue watches are more reliable and accurate than digital watches.

The most expensive watches today are all analogue and are by far the most accurate. Today, you can find many watches that combine the analogue with the digital display and are referred to as Ana-digi.

This is amazing, as you the wearer can have the benefit of the analogue display to show the time. Then, added to this the benefits of a digital watch with more information.

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